We have an amazing lineup of live music, magic, musical pirate acts, children’s pirate ship, and more!

Professor Bamboozles Magic Productions and Balloonary Loonary

In the flavor of the “Old Time Illusionary Side Show,” he brings to life the magic classics as well as the new and state-of-the-art and original magic and illusions, featuring random members right out of his audience as his assistants! During his “Grand Stage” illusion shows, parents can see their kids floating in the air, an egg hatching into a live bird in a guests hands, furniture flying off the stage over the audience’s heads, and of course slicing and dicing! Fascinating sets, age-appropriate humor and high production value make this show a “DONT MISS!”

The Professor is also a world-class, award-winning balloon twister, seldom ever stumped by a special request. He can create thousands of classic twisty balloon creations as well as many originals – all at lightning speed!

The Professor has performed in night clubs, cabarets, cruise ships, grand stage theaters, national sporting events, live network television and in The Warner Bros. blockbuster movie “Practical Magic” with Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman.

Be a part of the magic, see Professor Bamboozles Magic Productions and Balloonary Loonary at Festival of Sail!

Children's Pirate Ship

Children of all ages are welcome aboard the “ Wind Spirit” A scaled down replica of a seventeenth-century, three-masted frigate. Captained by “Jack Sparrow” himself, this ship over the years has brought joy to all little pirates wherever it docks. Each child is escorted aboard the ship and issued

Each child is escorted aboard the ship and issued a pirate hat and a foam sword to play with while on the boat. The ship’s cannon, bell and steering wheel are all available to entertain the little ones. When they’re done playing, they turn in the hats and swords and are awarded by plundering the ship’s treasure chest to take home a keepsake from their visit aboard. This experience is

This experience is provided free of charge, (Donations accepted) by Captain Dan Mimmack and creations of Sandpoint. Ahoy Mateys.


PDXYar: The Swashbucklers of Stumptown

PDXYAR, also know as “The Swashbucklers of Stumptown,” will entertain festival-goers with their high-energy Pirate invasion, which includes a mix of high-seas mischief, sea shanties, and interactive nautical nonsense.

Enjoy historical and interactive presentations that teach what life was like aboard a ship during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Captain Matt & Tugboat

A nautical duo native to the Puget Sound region will perform at the Festival Of Sail in Tacoma, WA this year.
Enjoy a variety of both traditional and non-traditional sea shanties, as well as a variety of other nautical songs with a touch of humor and a bit of pirate flair!

Pirates of the Plateau

Join Capt’n Argyll and The Pirates of the Plateau as they entertain the crowds with and their interactive Black Powder Show, firing off Pirate Style Flintlock Pistols, Rifles & Cannons.

BilgeRats & Pyrettes

This high-energy pirate-themed music act from Portland, OR promises to delight crowds of all ages with their mix of musical mayhem!

Music to plunder by!!! An acoustic collection of pirate themed music featuring traditional sea shanties, original compositions and familiar contemporary sounds, all woven together by dramatic interludes which tell the tale of a renegade life on the sea.

Join the infamous crew of the Tall Ship Royaliste on a journey of adventure and fun through the day-to-day life of a pirate. Experience new arrangements of traditional songs of the sea, modern shanties derived from contemporary popular music, six-part a cappella harmonies, upbeat Latin rhythms and a Cajun song of freedom. Come sail the seven seas with The BilgeRats & Pyrettes and “Prepare to be Boarded!”


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Point Defiance Pirates

From their humble beginnings in 2005 at the first Tall Ships/Freedom Fair in Tacoma, they strive to support local events to raise awareness for special needs within and beyond our community and help generate funds for charities.

In the past we have volunteered for food banks, joined the fight against breast cancer, collected for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital / Tree House, and the Special Olympics of Washington.

Point Defiance Pirates add something special to the joy of learning through participation in school events like the Reading Assembly in Burley Glenwood Elementary. They volunteer for fundraising events, like a Pirate Party for special needs children who overcome insurmountable odds and touch their hearts.

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BT Rhythm

Rhythm Circle

Using hand drums, shakers, bells, rhythm boxes, and sticks and just a little instruction, the audience can participate in a full-energy musical tour around the world through African, Celtic, Native American, and Spanish rhythms.


This Zimbabwean-style marimba band that plays energetic and joyful music, primarily from the tradition of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Africa.

With percussion and a full set of eight marimbas—from medium-sized sopranos to a huge bass—the music will inspire dancing or simply lift your spirits!

Current members are Joyce Mercuri, Bob Sisson, Rob Saecker, Lisa Carlson, Kyla Jones, William Hines, Joy Dworkin, and Corey Nunlist

Tacoma’s Zimbabwean-style marimba band, Jekesa Marimba, with a full set of six marimbas—from medium-sized sopranos to a huge bass, along with Hosho—brings energetic and joyful music, primarily from the tradition of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Africa.

Current members are Jeff Brahe, Kensuke Shimizu, Deb Dennison, Sue Dennison, Kyla Jones, William Hines, and Joy Dworkin

The Tacoma TotemAires

The Tacoma TotemAires is Tacoma’s oldest continuously running acapella singing organization. Founded in 1946, we have been entertaining audiences with close harmony all over the Puget Sound.

The Tacoma TotemAires is a chorus of male singers, committed to musical excellence in the performance style of Barbershop a cappella songs, within the Evergreen District (Division II) of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

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